Making Sense of Shakespeare

"If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

The Merchant of Venice (Act II,I Scene I)

Fortune's Fool: Making sense of Shakespeare

For over 400 years Shakespeare’s plays have delighted audiences all around the world. Over the years the plays have been dissected, remodelled, reinvented and performed in a variety of historical (and futuristic) contexts and settings, both on stage and on film.

Furthermore, Shakespeare has made a lasting impact on our use of language, introducing now commonly used phrases such as ‘it’s Greek to me’, ‘vanished into thin air’ and ‘the world is my oyster.’

Yet still too many students up and down the country (who are all required to study Shakespeare as part of the National Curriculum) dismiss these fantastic plays with a resounding "Shakespeare? That’s Boring!"

Fortune’s Fool Theatre Company was formed to challenge this perception, to demonstrate that behind the sometimes complex language, Shakespeare’s plays are exciting, entertaining and still relevant in 2010. Experience tells us that the only way to truly demonstrate this is through performance; either by watching as the characters are brought to life, or better still by having a go at speaking the words yourself.

So we invite you, nay challenge you, to participate in a workshop or to watch a performance, and allow us to show you that when taken from the page to the stage, it’s really not that hard to make sense of Shakespeare.

Join in the fun!
Actors Wanted: Aged 13 - 18

Participate in a Fortune’s Fool Theatre production.

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What Students say...

Rhodri Hosking

“It was a really great experience where I learnt how to better my social skills to work as a team well. I found it a challenging performance but we were encouraged from start to finish which really boosted my confidence”

Rhodri Hosking
Year 11

What Teachers say...

Trevor Harris

“We are happy to whole heartedly recommend the work of this company. We’ve used their expertise for the past two years in planning, preparing and devising performances using KS4 students for the Shakespeare Schools Festival. The outcomes from these projects gave students significantly enhanced skills, knowledge and understanding of the Shakespearean plays through the practical process of taking the work from the page and putting it on the stage.”

Trevor Harris
Arts College Manager